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A Journey through Harmony

Love in Color, Live in Serenity, Inspire glamor

The Ganika

Experience the luxurious comfort of our Nalho Yoga Chic Ganika Espadrilles. Treat your feet to complete bliss with the yoga mat insole, and feel balanced with our soft yet secure colorful cotton straps. Pair your Strap Sandals with shorts, a skirt, jeans, a maxi dress, you name it! Our Nalho Yoga Chic Ganika Espadrilles are the perfect addition to just about every outfit. Choose your favorite color and see for yourself!

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The Karabi

Show off those gorgeous legs with our Nalho Yoga Chic Karabi Espadrilles. These beauties are made with the same materials as our Ganika Sandals but wrap elegantly around your legs. You can tie your wraps in a variety of ways to fit your personal style, making them the perfect fashion accessory! However you choose to wear them, we know you’ll be rocking your Nalho Yoga Chic Karabi Espadrilles in comfort, support and style!

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Walk on the Bright Side of Life

11 colors that will make you shine

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