10 prints you should be rocking this summer

1. Gingham prints

Gingham patterns have been hot for a few seasons now. However, they’re bolder than ever in 2017, with more creativity and more color. For a classic look, try pairing a gingham midi skirt with a simple button-down shirt knotted at the waist. Gingham pieces also serve as a great base for mixing patterns. Whether it’s a floral, polka dot or novelty print, you can’t go wrong.

2. Stripes

Stripes have always been a warm weather classic and likely always will be. What makes this print exciting, however, is the annual update of what’s “on trend”. This year we’re seeing bold, candy-colors and reimagined pinstripes. More neutral colored stripes look amazing when adorned with bright accessories and shoes. Think dark stripes on a light background matched with light stripes on a dark background.

3. Chintz prints

Nature is full of scenic flowers around this time, and great fashion designers have captured that beauty and brought it to the runway. Another classic that’s been remade, floral prints are rather realistic and more feminine this time around. Slip into a floral patterned tulle skirt or dress matched with metallic accessories and an oversized handbag to add to your fashion statement.

4. Romantic floral prints

This season’s floral prints also include the Victorian offshoot of chintz. Chintz prints originated in the 17th century and have been associated mostly with home décor; particularly wallpaper, rugs and dishes. Contemporary chintz, however, includes more geometric shapes and varying sizes and colors.

5. Tie dye

This summer it’s all about cool indigos in modern dye patterns. We’re seeing this whimsicalprint on everything from blouses to ombre evening gowns. If you’re still testing the waters with this look, fun accessories such as a head wrap or scarf can often add just as much flare.

6. Tropical prints

Tropical prints are another warm weather staple, with an explosion of colors anda chaotic (yet stylish) mix of beach-y images most popular this year. Pineapples? Watermelons? Palm trees? Flamingos? All of the above please! Tie a casual, printed shirt around your waist for an easy and relaxed dose of this trend.

7. Headline

Marble is one of the newest and most interesting prints taking over the runways this summer. Graphic marble prints bring styles to life with a vivid intensity, allowing for a striking finished look. We’re seeing this print appear on both garments and accessories, with pops of color and beautiful sheer detailing. Similar to tie dye, this pattern can be expressed even in small measures.

8. Wacky abstract prints

Prints are starting to take on whole new dimensions. Apart from flowers, tie-dye & stripes, this season is also brimming with abstract patterns inspired by pop culture. A bit wild for sure, these prints willmake you feel more alive and daring than ever. Try out this look in a top pairedwith plain-colored or simple bottoms

9. Watercolor prints

There’s romance and a touch of expressiveness that really highlights femininity in this year’s watercolor prints. Influenced by the work of renowned painters, trendy designers are playing up this look with pastel hues all across the board. Watercolor patterns are a fun look for summer months that can also be delicate and elegant, making it perfect for dressier occasions.

10. Modern polka dots

Polka dots are timeless, but there’s a fine line between looking chic and looking childish, right? Amore modern take on dots successfully marries sophisticationand playfulness, however. Wear this pattern small and on a clean silhouette with minimal accessories.

As always, before you slap your plastic on the counter, there are some things to first consider. Just as you would with anything else, you want to start out small and get comfortable with the basics of patterning. You don’t want to jump right in with something that you might not feel comfortable in. Most importantly, make sure you actually have other foundation items to pair your prints with. Try and create multiple outfits in your head before committing.

While it's easy to stick to a solid color wardrobe, the right prints can really kick your style up a notch. Which will be your new favorite? 

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