Name: Danielle
Age: 24
Location: NYC
Spirit Animal: Butterfly
3 Fun Facts:

1) I was born in Beijing, China

2) I was a college cheerleader!

3) I love trying interesting local delicacies. I've tried live octopus in South Korea, cuy in Peru, insects in Cambodia, balut in the Philippines…

1) When did you start your travel blog and how did you get into it?

I always loved being in new environments and experiencing new things. In college, I studied in Italy and Hong Kong, and started my travel Instagram @thewanderlover while I was teaching English in Peru after graduation.

It started out as a features only page, where I would only post other people's travel content. I was able to build a community that way by getting others to tag photos with #thewanderlover.

Sometimes I would throw in a photo here and there of myself and that's when I noticed they did so much better! So last year I rebranded to make the page more about me and my travels. Naturally, I started my travel blog to complement my adventures, and my goal this year is to start making videos on YouTube!

2) You have been to 57 countries already... could you pick your top 5 and tell us why?

  • Italy (for the history, food),

  • Maldives (snorkeling, untouched beaches, pure paradise),

  • South Africa (amazing landscapes, wildlife),

  • Indonesia (lovely people, thinking about moving there soon!),

  • Ibiza (for the parties ;) )

3) Always being on the road must be amazing! But difficult at the same time. Are there any downsides to being a travel blogger?
Most of the time, travel is work, and it's all about creating content and documenting experiences, so I WILL be that girl who takes pictures of her food, of herself in front of a pretty wall, a pretty street, a pretty anything! I'm always on my phone or laptop, but honestly I love it, so I can't complain.

4) If you could only take 6 items with you on a trip, which would they be?
  • My passport,
  • phone,
  • laptop,
  • drone,
  • bikini,
  • and Nalho sandals!

5) You went from corporate finance to leading this adventurous lifestyle. What made you turn your life around completely?

To be honest, I was never passionate about finance. Coming from a 6-month solo backpacking adventure, I suddenly felt trapped inside a cubicle limited to a certain number of vacation days a year. The lifestyle wasn't exciting enough for me and I always wanted more. I aspired to be location independent, working from my laptop, and one day I thought, if other people were doing it, why couldn't I?

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That's funny, I don't think I can answer that because I don't even know where I see myself the rest of this year! I'm thinking summer in Europe, and the rest of the year in Thailand (stay tuned on @thewanderlover to find out!) In the long run, I just want to continue traveling, doing what I love, and living my best life.

7) Any tips for all the girls out there who wish to be like you? :)

Follow your heart, trust the process, and work hard. Start finding your tribe of dreamers, and I'm always here if you have any questions!

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